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A Poem by Elijah & Nancy’s Daughter Rebecca Margaret Stapp Stukes

Inspired by a fellow Stapp descendant’s recent discovery of the blog and her introduction in her comment to an earlier post, I google searched on Elijah and Nancy’s oldest daughter, Rebecca Margaret Stapp and came across the first part of a poem she wrote in 1882. In the opening lines of the poem she describes the difficulties of the Runaway Scrape and the battle for independence. The poem was published by the Texas State Historical Association in Oct. 1985 in The Southwestern Historical Quarterly. I could not access the entire poem, but maybe one of her descendants will come across this and share it with us in its entirety.

The publication adds this about Rebecca Stapp Stukes:

“Mrs. Rebecca Stukes was born in Palmyra, Missouri, the daughter of Nancy Shannon Stapp and Elijah Stapp, later a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. In 1830 Rebecca came to Texas with her parents. At age eight she was caught up in the Runaway Scrape and was a witness to the aftermath of the battle of San Jacinto. She married Captain Nat. M. Stukes in Victoria County, Texas, May 31, 1849. In about 1882 she wrote this untitled poem so that her descendents would know of her remarkable childhood experiences and the price in suffering that was paid for the independence of Texas. The poem clearly reflects the passionate feelings of someone who has experienced war. It also reveals nineteenth-century attitudes and stereotypes regarding the conflict and its participants. Rebecca Stukes died November 12, 1899, in Colorado City, Texas. The poem and portrait were made available to us through the generosity of Mrs. Stuke’s great-granddaughter, Mrs. Glen E. Harkins of El Paso.”

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