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Stapps who fought for the Republic of Texas 1835-1845

From this resource, four of Elijah’s sons were on the military rolls as fighting for the Republic of Texas.

Here’s a reminder about Elijah & Nancy’s offsprings’ birth dates and birth order.

Shown as listed on the resource with commander’s names as links to a description of their service (probably not the best word choice… I am very weak with military terminology.):

Stapp, D.M.                  Ward, Lafayette
Stapp, Darwin M.             Sample, David
Stapp, O.H.                  Mitchell, Isaac N.
Stapp, Oliver H.             Ward, Lafayette
Stapp, W.P.                  Mitchell, Isaac N.
Stapp, W.W.                  Mitchell, Isaac N.
Stapp, Walter                Ward, Lafayette
Stapp, William P.            Stevenson, Alexander
Stapp, William Preston       Reese, Charles K.
Stapp, Wm. P.                Reese, Charles K.
Stapp, Wm. P.                Fisher, William S. (Col)

How different would our world be without these men and their companions’ willingness to fight for the cause of independence?

I was wondering about my ancestor, Elijah’s son Achilles Stapp, why he might not have been on the rolls, since his brothers were clearly so devoted to the cause. I looked back at his birth date (thanks Marcie!), and doing the math I realized that he would have been very young in the early years of the struggle. He was born in 1822, so he would have been 14 when his father was in Washington on the Brazos signing the Texas Declaration of Independence and during the Runaway Scrape wherein families fled the region with the approach of Santa Ana and his army.


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1828 DeWitt Colony Census

I like using the blog as a place to centralize resources related to our Stapp family. I know we can all do google searches, and I like the idea of gathering the findings here and then sharing comments on what we already know and what we newly discover. Here is a link to biographical sketches of Elijah and several members of the family, including Darwin Massey Stapp, son of Elijah & Nancy, who was the first one of the family to arrive in DeWitt Colony.

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Elijah & Nancy Stapp’s Children

Click on the green boxes to open in a new window. Then click to magnify.

Were there ten kids with Nancy Shannon?… I only show nine. Is someone missing? Please help me out.


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