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Cara Stapp & William Samuel Glass

Merry Christmas everyone and a big thanks to Anthony Buckalew for providing these photo and document scans and the following information about his ancestors:

Attached are scans of studio photographs that have been handed down in our family, ultimately, to me. One is of Cara Stapp Glass, daughter of William Preston Stapp and granddaughter of Elijah Stapp.

Cara Stapp Glass

The other is of William Samuel Glass, her husband, and my great-great-grandfather. The studio that made the photographs was in Gatesville, Texas, which is ultimately where they settled after they married in 1879.

William Samuel Glass

Unfortunately, I do not know when the photographs were made – there is no date noted on either.
I have also attached a scan of the county clerk’s entry, noting their marriage:
The State of Texas
County of Victoria
This is to certify that I joined in marriage as husband and wife Wm S. Glass and Cara B Stapp on the 13th day of May AD 1879
Jos Ferra (?)
Rector of St Marys
Filed May 16th 1879
J C J (?) Moody clerk
Respectfully submitted,
Anthony Buckalew,
7th Generation Texan

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Elijah & Nancy Stapp’s Children

Click on the green boxes to open in a new window. Then click to magnify.

Were there ten kids with Nancy Shannon?… I only show nine. Is someone missing? Please help me out.


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From the Vawters

Here are a few paragraphs about Elijah Stapp and Nancy Shannon and family from a collection gathered by Reminder: Margaret Vawter was the mother of Elijah Stapp.

Vol. 8 #2 page 10


From EDWARD M. STAPP, 109 S. Indianwood Ave., Broken Arrow, OK 74012 (New  VVVFA Member)

Elijah Stapp was born in Orange County, VA 16 Oct. 1783, the first child of Achilles & Margaret (VAWTER) Stapp. Margaret (Peggy) Vawter was born 15 Oct. 1763 the daughter of David & Mary (Rucker) VAWTER. Achilles Stapp moved his family to Kentucky ca. 1790. Here Elijah met and married Nancy Shannon.

In 1816 Elijah Stapp moved to Missouri with his wife and two sons. While living there he heard stories of land and life in the Mexican Territory of Texas. In 1825 he went to look it over and in 1831 he moved with his wife and six children to Jackson Municipality, in the contract colony of Green C. DeWitt.

On 16 July 1831, he was given title to a “League of land. When the Mexican government closed Texas to further settlement of Americans he saw danger for the future.

When the Consultation Convention was called at Old Washington-on-the-Brazos for 1 March 1836, Elijah was asked to stand for election as a delegate and was elected. The Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico was drafted with Elijah signing as a duly elected delegate. He was also selected by the convention as one of the “Committee of 26” to draft the constitution that governed the Republic of Texas from 1836 until Texas was admitted to the Union in 1856.

When peace returned after the battle of San Jacinto, Elijah Stapp returned to his home and was elected a Judge in Edna, Texas in 1839. He held this position until his death in March 1843. Elijah Stapp was buried on the old Russell Ward farm outside Edna, Texas. The actual gravesite is unknown, but the area is marked by a monument by the Texas Centennial Commission in 1936.

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