Art Lesson–Frederic Remington Meets William Preston Stapp

08 Mar

Every day a new discovery related to our family history thanks to the wonders of the internet and all the hardworking genealogists out there sharing info online. I came across this fascinating art & history connection by reading a post of one of my distant cousin’s (Anthony Buckalew) on a motorcycle forum. Yes, a motorcycle forum.

Okay, so famed western painter Frederic Remington painted this “The Mier Expedition: The Drawing of the Black BeanPrisoners Drawing Their Beans” in 1896. The 27 1/8 x 40 inches oil on canvas is in the Hogg Brothers Collection at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Here is some fascinating teaching detail about the painting itself, for those who are curious about that sort of thing.

I want to learn more about all of this stuff. I want to see the painting hanging on a museum wall. I want to find out if Mier still exists and go there (Later: nevermind, don’t think I want to go to Mier after all). I want to find out just who Bigfoot Wallace was… So many questions. I gotta get to it….

I just added “Dead Man’s Walk” to our Netflix queue. I understand it has a fictionalized version of the Black Bean Episode.

Okay, can you tell I’ve had enough coffee this morning? I usually don’t drink coffee, but it was hard to resist some fresh-roasted, hand-ground Colombian Popayan. I mean “fresh-roasted” in the cast-iron skillet. 24 hours ago. Right here… Okay, bye. For awhile. Please comment!!

[Oh, and I hope you realize that I meant the post title figuratively.]


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2 responses to “Art Lesson–Frederic Remington Meets William Preston Stapp

  1. Sean Pauzauskie

    August 12, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    As a descendent of William Preston Stapp, I share many of the same questions you do. Please keep us up to date on any findings you make. I’m planning a pilgrimage to Perote Castle, as well, sometime in the next few years.

  2. Ed Stapp

    March 19, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    Not only was Perote prison still standing, it was still in use in the 70’s. One of Wm. Preston’s descendants – Jack Bowden – had visited the area, and had some pictures. I haven’t herd from Jack for several years, so don’t know if he is still alive.


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